How Instagram Got Me Back On Track With My Meditation Routine…


Have you ever been in a place of “stuckness” in your life, where it feels like the person you’ve been and the person you’d like to be are planets apart? That has been my reality for some time now and I struggled to commit to a meditation routine.

I’d like to be a person that works out early in the morning, eats a perfectly healthy diet, does yoga daily, and meditates twice a day….but the person I’ve been lately enjoys binge watching Netflix shows on my couch (ummm Black Mirror, Sense 8, and Luke Cage), struggles to maintain a regular workout routine, can easily be seduced by desserts, and let her yoga practice go when she needed it the most.

Well…I may not be exactly where I hope to be with my daily routine, but I’ve floated quite a bit closer to my goal. I have to thank my lovely sister for the motivation.

So here’s what I’ve been doing…

My sister found an Instagram page that was doing a month long meditation program. Basically, the goal of the program was to get people all over the world to meditate together at a specific time. There were 6 different time slots to choose from to accommodate different time zones and you could choose the time that worked best for you.

My sister messaged a few people on Instagram to see if anyone would be interested in doing it with her. I signed up along with a cousin of mine and the group has since grown to 5 people. Long story short, we’ve been meditating together every day and having the accountability of the group has helped out a ton!!! We check in daily to see what time will work best for everyone and about 5 minutes before the set time we check in to make sure everyone is ready.

It really is an incredible meditation accountability group. My goal is to get back to meditating first thing in the morning and right before bedtime. I’m not there yet, but I have been meditating daily.

What are some goals you’ve been struggling to accomplish on your own? Is there anyone in your network that could become an accountability partner and help you achieve that goal? It really does help to have a support system. Share your goals and your plans to accomplish them below…

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