How A Perfectly Timed Phone Call From London And An Art Gallery Kicked My Negative Feelings To The Curb…


How To Pick Yourself Out Of a (1)Do you ever have those days where your to-do list is like 80 miles long and even though you have the best intentions in the world, you just can’t get yourself to get things done. Well, that was what the last few days have been like for me. It sucks because I’m going on vacation at the end of the month, & I need to get a ton done before then.

I don’t know about you, but every now and then I get into a productivity rough patch where I’m not getting as much done as I’d like. Usually, it’s a result of not balancing other areas of my life as well as I need to be. This time, it’s the result of being thrown off from a ton of recent travel.

So today I had the opportunity to catch up with a really good friend named Alicia. She’s a fellow entrepreneur (an Holistic Wellness Coach and Blog Writer) and I really enjoy our chats because I always walk away with some useful nuggets that I can instantly implement into my daily life. Well, I started to tell her about how frustrated I was about not being able to accomplish the goals I set out to conquer for the week.

She reminded me that the more energy I focused on what I wasn’t doing right, the more energy I was taking away from what I needed to be doing. That’s when she laid the most incredible analogy on me. I needed to hear this and she gave me a much welcomed “aha” moment about how to deal with the negative space I was in.

Alicia told me to visualize being in an art gallery and walking up to a piece of art that I strongly disliked. I did. She explained to me that when we see something we dislike in an art gallery, we casually move past it. She reminded me that life was a spectrum of negatives and positives and when we encountered a negative situation, we should move past it the same way. She said “You wouldn’t stand in front of an ugly painting an berate it for being deplorable would you?” I wouldn’t and I have a feeling you wouldn’t either.

I instantly loved that analogy the second I heard it. From now on, whenever I get into a funk, I’m going to remind myself to “move on to the next pretty piece of art.” Why stick around and focus on the things I’m doing wrong (or the things I dislike about life) when I can pick myself up and concentrate on the things that I enjoy.

Long story short…I got off the phone, meditated, worked out, and got straight to work. We all need a pick me up sometimes, and I’m grateful to have friends in my life that will take time out of their busy days to help snap me back into an usual positive reality.

What kinds of things do you guys do to help lift yourself up out of your funks? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear them:)

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