3 Must Watch Ted Talks On Depression To Help You Climb Your Way Out Of A Nasty Funk…


I woke up this morning and started to fall into a mild funk over that fact that I have so much to do and that no matter how hard I try, I never end up on the winning side of my to do list. Since I’m getting better at finding ways to keep my spirits up when I start to beat down on myself, I turned to Youtube…

Anyways, I wanted to share these 3 Ted talks on Depression because I know someone else may need some inspiration today as well. Check out these 3 Ted Talks.

  • The “Living Without Shame” video

    This video is a must watch for anyone who has ever beat themselves up about anything. The 2 takeaways from this video are that 1) You are not alone in your daily struggle to love yourself & 2) That it is possible to learn to live fearlessly and not let shame hold you back.

  • The “Lessons From A Mental Hospital” Video

This biggest take away from this video is to embrace ALL of your feelings. Yes…this includes the bad ones. It’s a constant daily struggle, but learning to accept both the positives and the negatives in our lives will lead us to living more peaceful lives. This Ted talk is a really good reminder, so check it out…

  • The Overcoming Hopelessness” Video

The big take away from this video is that no matter what you’re going through, keep fighting until you eventually find yourself out of hopelessness. You can’t control your life experiences, but you can control how much you work to make things better…don’t give up.


Hopefully you enjoyed watching these Ted talks and were able to walk away with some useful nuggets to help you get through your days. Let me know what your biggest takeaways were below…

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