Why Operating A Virtual Call Center May Be The Perfect Solution For People Looking To Work From Home…


Operating a virtual call centerI’m a huge fan of people designing their lives so that they can have the freedom they long for. Why not right? And since I know so many people would love the opportunity to work from home, operating a virtual call center may be the perfect fit. Just hear me out…

The Opportunity

There are quite a few companies that make it their mission to offer people the work-life balance they yearn for….Arise┬áis one of them. When you work for Arise, you’re given the opportunity to run your own mini call center from the comfort of your home. It’s like running your own business without the hassle of having to find you own clients. You would be offering your services to businesses who need help with chat support, answering inbound calls, tech support, or responding to email inquiries. It would depend on the the company’s needs and you get to choose which companies you want to work for.

Who Is This Good For?

You’ll be working as an independent contractor when you work for Arise. This opportunity is the perfect fit for people who are organized, self motivated, committed to providing excellent customer service, and great communicators. You will be running your own business offering virtual assistance to companies who need your help. You can work with just one business or a variety of companies, it’s up to you. The scheduling is super flexible because you choose the shifts that you want to sign up for. Most of the clients you’ll work with will require you to cover at least 15 hours per week.

What You’ll Need…

If you decide to work with Arise, you’ll need to set yourself up to run a home business. You should have a computer, a VOIP headset, and a land line. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need a quiet working space, so you may have to prepare your family members to respect your work hours. Anyone who has ever worked from home knows how that can be a challenge!!!

Similar to entering into any business, you need to make a few investments. First, you’ll be required to do a background check & you’ll have to pay for it. Second, you’ll have to take a customer service training course (the price can range from free to $79 depending on when you take the training). Depending on how much you choose to work, most people make their investment back within a month.

So What Do You Think

If you’re looking for a unique work from home opportunity, check Arise out. You can fill out an application on their site. One of their hiring reps will contact you and answer any questions you may have about moving forward. If you’re familiar with the company, I’d love to hear about your experiences running a virtual call center. Feel free to share below:)

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